monday was pretty alright

worked on my fixie all morning, taking it apart and getting new parts for it etc, as well as sanding the black paint off, im gonna get a leader frame eventually but meh i figured i’d paint the frame i have with colores i tend to like alot i,e, burgundy and i got gold for the fork simply because gold is dope. i went to 33rd los angeles graffiti shop for the montana spray cans with jim and then hit up the mall to buy random stuff and i got my Veggie Delight!! haha great sub. eventually we left to the Depot Lot (home Depot Parking Lot) where we picked up mari so we could kick it somewhere. mildred was leaving work and we talked and she hugged meh!! hahaha and oh baby jesus she is single :o her GF of a year or two and her split! i wont jump to conclusions or anything or try to get at her i mean she is a lesbian but i shouldnt bring myself down hell i should nnot even bother but as jim told me, if i present myself in a certain way, luck may be on your side. present myseflf how? i mean im not a bad guy, i care more for others more than i do for myself. i am knowledgeable in many feilds, i go to college, i well idk im the most creative caring and simply chillest person to hang out with. oh well i should try, ill just hang out with her and go out to eat or something on a bike sesh. maybe Papa Cristos hahah now that i think of it, biking from her house to papa cristos would be a mission id like to take with her… hmmmmmmm. anyway. tonight was dope. and i met a dude named rosenberg at the graff shop lol rosenberg martinez. ima name my bike rosenberg since he let us go out back and see the murls they had back there and to test out some cans. a picture of “rosenberg” (my bike) will be up soon for those who care about how it will look :D till then stay positive. im trying and its not bad.

posted : Tuesday, January 17th, 2012